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Nutrisystem – What is it about? Does it help with weight loss?

Hi, I’m Josephine, a third-year medical student and here is my story. I had been overweight my whole life and it had never hit me that this condition could be life threatening. Well, until I entered medical school. Learning about coronary heart diseases, strokes, hypertension and diabetes made me realize how much of a risk I was in. Not only that; as a member of the medical field, I understood that we doctors are seen as epitomes of good health. After all, which patient would like to visit a doctor who herself seems unhealthy? Suddenly, it became obligatory for me to lose weight and I probably would have lost hope if it wasn’t for the Nutrisystem promo codes. I say this because I’m still just a medical student working to pay off her loans, but the Nutrisystem discount codes make the Nutrisystem program affordable even for someone like me.

As you must have guessed, I am a foodie (part of why I was obese in the first place). So when I made the grave decision to lose weight, I was anxious and skeptical. I had seen many girls in high school skipping meals or doing rigorous exercise every day, and I had decided that none of that was for me. By the age of 18 I weighed 203 pounds.

nutrisystem weight loss journey

I believed in Nutrisystem

I always thought that these weight loss programs were frauds and that one should not waste their time on such programs. However, one day when I was in the physiology out-patient department, I noticed one of the patients pointing to me and saying “That is the doctor?” in the most sarcastic tone. I felt angry and embarrassed. After that day, I had trouble even looking at patients eye to eye. I didn’t want to socialize and even though I had skills, I felt incapable. My ego was unbelievably hurt and so one night I finally decided to go online and search up techniques for weight loss. During that time, I stumbled upon Nutrisystem’s promo and discount codes. They even had a “lose 5 lbs. +1 inch off your waist in your first week or your money back” guarantee. So, I decided that I must give it a try and I still count that as one of the smartest choices I have made in my medical journey!

How I started my Nutrisystem journey

After deciding on trying the Nutrisystem diet plan, I called their help-line. Although I had insecurities about my weight, the people very understandingly helped me create my diet plan. At first I found it hard to believe that I could eat everything I wanted to, and all that I required was a proper planning of proportions. What further astounded me was that at $10 a day I would receive all the food that I required for the day. What’s more, it really saved my time because all the food items came pre cooked and all I had to do was pop them into the microwave for a while. Pizza, bacon, pasta – whatever I wanted-I could eat the food even amidst my hectic duties; and the taste was delightful! The protein shakes and energy bars tasted great too and were easy to carry around. I would just munch on the bars when I got some free time and they helped satisfy my hunger. They tasted great too. I still find it hard to believe how one can lose weight having food as delicious as that. Be sure to check online for nutrisystem discount coupons, you may get up to $2 off every day. Such wonderful food for such an amazing price.

The people from the costumer care service even helped me choose a few exercises that I could do every day. I can’t even touch my toes so I was quite surprised when I learnt these exercises. They weren’t even that hectic; they were just simple, effective exercises. Soon, I felt myself getting physically and mentally healthier. I had lost about 21 pounds within the first two months and now, after eight months, I weigh 124 pounds. My BMI is well balanced and I have never felt better about myself. Not just in terms of outward beauty; I feel more active, more energetic and more vibrant overall. My friends say that they had never witnessed me being so full of life before. Nutrisystem completely transformed my life. I feel more confident now when I converse with patients and they tell me that I’m going to make a fine doctor someday. I feel my pride and happiness soar today like never before. I never thought a change in weight could bring so much change in me, but I am glad it did. I don’t think I could’ve gone through this weight loss process with so much ease and support had it not been for Nutrisystem.

Although I don’t have to rely on the microwaved food anymore, I am now going to keep up with my diet habits. I’m still not going to say no to food, but I am going to make sure I eat in adequate proportions. If I go out for burgers I’m going to opt for the small sized instead of the large and perhaps a smaller bottle of drinks. Whilst I am quenching my cravings, I am being a responsible food consumer as well. I still make sure I keep an energy bar at reach though since they come in very handy at during days when the patient flow is extremely high and I hardly have anytime to go to the canteen. It is difficult being a medical personnel because you are so busy taking care of others that you often cannot take care of yourself. But Nutrisystem has really helped me out with this. I am still keeping up with the short exercises that they have recommended and it’s been really beneficial. Nowadays patients come to me asking for advice on how to maintain a physique like mine and I make sure I recommend Nutrisystem. Why not? With the large amounts of Nutrisystem coupons that can be found, I’m sure the patients will have no trouble finding one to their convenience. People refer to doctors as their life-savers but for me, my lifesaver has definitely been Nutrisystem.

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